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Caramellen kyydissä oli viikonloppuna kansainvälistä väkeä ja sen kunniaksi tekstikin on poikkeuksellisesti kirjoitettu englanniksi.

It was a peaceful morning on Sunday. Everyone slept well in the boat, breathing the fragrant air emitted by the sea. Water hitting the wall of the boat outside regularly, cold fresh wind blowing to the deck, eagles hovering in the sky which was fully dyed into blood color when the sun trying to break the long dark night. About 8.30 am, it’s time to depart.

The weather was nicely sunny, and the wind was lower than Saturday but optimized for sailing, everything was perfect! We decided to set Porkkala as our destination at the beginning, because we were not sure yet whether the new engine we changed worked well. We cannot arrive Helsinki anyway. It’s sad we were not able to reach the goal, while life could never be predicted.

Apparently some problems occurred when we were trying to start the engine. But after few times trying, it stopped from the striking and operated pretty well all day long, thanks for Tuisku you did a very excellent job! Most of the day was enjoyable with not so strong waves except in some open areas, in which, again we took “showers” gifted by the sea, but frankly the sea water was very tasty! Our clothes were totally wet, and starting to feel cold. Luckily we have a very good chef Tuisku, who made quite delicious sandwiches, especially the salad was the best I tried ever! We got more energy and survived with those foods.

We noticed that things seem to be going very smoothly, finally our dear captain Ilari suggested we could more likely sailing further to Espoo, which would make the project easier in the following days.

About 10 pm, Matinkylä, Espoo. This was the first time I felt loss of the land so much, as I didn’t do such a long time before, I knew I came back to the civilization, what an amazing trip! In the end, Tanja and Minna picked us from the harbor and drive us back to the cozy home, thanks to them!

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